Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally unpacked and settled in...

I am finally unpacked and painting again. I have missed painting so much, but I will tell you that there are so many distractions here. First of all the weather has been so beautiful. Sunshine and in the 80's every day makes me want to explore the great outdoors. Even though I have been here many times on vacations, I find new things to see and do everyday.

Today I got up and went to the Unity Church of Hilton Head Island.
It was a positive and wonderful experience with a message that really hit home for me.
The music was uplifting and beautiful. The piano music was played by Janice Creech and the singing by Peggy Trecker. Such fabulous talent is rarely seen at church.
The congregation made me feel right at home leading me through the service.
Not long after the service was over Rev. Justin Epstein stopped by the house to personally welcome me and he gave me a welcome packet and a lovely book to read.
I feel I have found my new home at last.

I have been listening to the music I have uploaded here on playlist and painting.
Tonight I listed two paintings on Ebay. Here they are....Have a wonderful week...Blessings, Beth

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