Monday, October 19, 2009

This Week's Ebay Offerings

New Angels on Ebay this week....

Three angels this week on Ebay. I finally have everything in place here so I can paint after work every day. It is hard to believe that I have been here a month. It is chilly here today. 63 when I got done working today. There is a light breeze blowing but the sun is bright.

Yesterday after church 8 of us tried circle dancing. It was fun and the music was really good. We did it to send peace energy out into the world. ( and for fun and fellowship) I just Love my new church. The special music was presented by Ian Lowe (keyboard) and Laura Beth Wells (vocals). They are both very talented and now appearing in the Arts Center's production of Cabaret here on the island. They are also engaged.

I spent the rest of yesterday afternoon at the movie theatre...Sea Turtle Cinema in Bluffton. I saw Law Abiding Citizen and then I went to see Couple's Retreat. I liked both. If you plan on seeing both on the same day as I did, see Law Abiding Citizen first. Although this movie is very good and keeps you wondering, it is rather dark subject matter and I like ending my day with either heart warming fuzzies or comedy. Both were very entertaining. I just love seeing movies on the big screen. I also think there is nothing better than movie theatre popcorn. Yummmmmmmmm...

After such a busy day, I came home and quietly drew angels in my little notebook. A lovely day indeed. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Blessings, Beth