Thursday, July 31, 2008

I finally made it to the park.....

I finally made it to the park today. It is called Goodale Park and it is small but fabulous, as you will see. It is hot outside, around 90 degrees, so I didn't see very many people. I am sure this park is brimming with people normally. I saw one jogger (female), one guy feeding ducks, and one guy working on a trac-hoe. I saw as many wildlife; three ducks and a squirrel. Parking spaces were great today, plenty to pick from.

From the park I went to the North Market. It is a wonderful indoor market with vendors selling all sorts of things. Meat, poultry, fish all ready to take home and cook. Jewelry, pastries, candy, flowers, how can a girl choose? Ah but I knew what I wanted! LUNCH!!! I chose an asparagus salad, vegetable soup, and deviled eggs. What a combo, but delicious! I had never been to the North Market before, but the college kids I work with have been telling me to go that "I would LOVE it". And of course they were right. I had a plan before I got there. Get some lunch and buy a house plant. I DID! Well, I couldn't decide so I bought 4, and had my parking validated! What a quality trip this was!

Enough goofing around, it is time to get busy with the brush! I am painting an Angel (who could guess that) holding a sunflower tonight. I may put her on Ebay tomorrow.

Thanks to Katy and John for the posts, you know you are the ones who got me thinking about this. Love you both! Blessings to all, Beth

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The perfect time...

It is Wednesday noontime and I think it is the perfect time to start blogging. I have been wanting to for a while now but never seem to find the time to start. Today is the day. It is hot and cloudy in Columbus today and I have painting to do. My stack of canvas is wondering what in the world I am doing. I usually paint on Wednesday mornings before I go to work. I am off today so I have been lounging at the computer all morning! Oh the life!!! I hope to go to a new park (for me) this afternoon and take some pictures. I will post them if I get there and it isn't raining. As for now I will show you some of the pictures I have from recent small trips... I love to take pictures, as you will soon see. Have a great day.....Beth