Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hello everyone,
Today I am setting out to drive 2 hours north of where I live to spend time with my best friend Ginny. It is our Christmas get-together. Normally, I wouldn't write about it but it is already snowing here and she lives just on the edge of the snowbelt. Some of you know that I really don't care too much for snow, but what I really don't like is the wind and when the temp drops into the teens or lower. Today will present all of the above... I packed a few things just in case I can't get out later. I am off work tomorrow so I don't have to be back until tomorrow night.
I am hoping to go to the German Village here in Columbus tomorrow night and take pictures of Fire on the Water. All the beautiful old mansions will be lit up for Christmas and they do something with fire on beautiful Schiller pond. They do it every year and I have never seen it before. I will take pictures and post them here. ( Also more Angels this week)
Have a great weekend....I hope you don't have to shovel snow where you live. Beth

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