Thursday, October 9, 2008

For my girlfriends on ning....

Thought you might like to see some painting I have done before the class started....

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Beth said...

Every angel is pretty! I especially love the one with red hair, as I have a close friend with red hair.

I drew an angel flying through the air with clouds, a sun, and 3 birds. I need to finish her (paint & collage her).

I have still been feeling down since my daughter still hasn't contacted me since the middle of July. I think I'm going to write her a letter and at least I'll know I've done all I can do for now about the situation. I really miss my grandkids and how rotten is that to keep me from seeing them just b/c she is angry!

Whew. Thanks. I needed to get that off my chest.

I stay depressed 100% of the time and take a lot of naps, hence, I don't get a lot of art done. But maybe some day I will feel like doing more.

Sorry to be so down! I can't help it; some days are just worse than others.

Take care & keep creating!